CVOR is no longer your problem, it's mine ...

This is what I will do:

  • Incorporate your business, if necessary
  • Assist you to put the vehicles on the road as soon as possible (plates will be registered in your company's name)
  • Guide you through the application process and any related questions (transfer of vehicle's ownership, appropriate person to take the test, etc.)
  • Prepare you or the appropriate individual in your company to take the test
  • Compile complete documentation
    • Driver Qualification Files
    • Hours of Service Records
    • Vehicle Maintenance Files
    • Preventative Maintenance System
    • Collision File (setup)
    • In vehicle documentation and checklists
  • Follow up one month after your CVOR registration is in place, to make sure that all CVOR related systems are operating correctly and effectively

Additional services offered:

  1. Hour of service training (as per needs analysis of your operation)
  2. Defensive driving training

Case studies

Waterdon Construction had expanded their operation and acquired  2018 Isuzu NRR. Richard was quite busy handling construction projects and decided to delegate CVOR setup to me. The anticipated start date of a truck was two weeks from contact. The company had obtained their license on time, and all office paperwork was setup.

New bus operation. A gentlemen had called to discuss Turnkey package. He was driving TTC buses for 10+ years, and was planning to get his own bus (for the purpose I do not recall, but it sounded like a modest operation). During the call I realized that the reason for inquiry was primary the anxiety related to test taking, and the caller was more than competent to set his own CVOR. I advised the gentlemen to proceed with a course option, and if he needs my help, we can take care of things. He managed on his own.

Chris from All Crete.  Took over family landscaping business. He wanted to upgrade his truck weight and required a CVOR. He also wanted to upgrade from a sole-proprietorship to a corporation. Chris was able to get his required paperwork and licenses without being too much distracted from his busiest season. We realized that CVOR was only part of the puzzle, since his trailer required Chris to get A-restricted license.

Chris from Horizon Sheet Metal. He was renting trucks from a rental company on a project by project basis. The rental company had a change of policy, and they were no longer offering to rent their trucks without a CVOR. Chris had also purchased a new pick up truck and a trailer for his ATV. Chris was not sure, if his own pick-up truck requires CVOR as it was registered for RGVW of 11,000kg. I had clarified with Chris the type of license that he requires for his truck, the fact that his personal truck used for personal purposes was exempt. We had also prepared CVOR side of things so that his guys could rent truck without disruption to the business.

Rick from Champion Hydrovac. After law changed Hydro-vac vehicles were no longer exempt. Rick was a little late to get things going. He called me 3 days before the dead-line to get his truck plated. This was a 4 vehicle project. Operations resumed uninterrupted. 

Frank from Import Temptations. An owner of luxury furniture store who purchased an in-house delivery vehicle (the furniture he sells is really expensive). Frank was busy moving inventory, and decided that outsourcing CVOR setup is a good choice for him. Given his operation and how long the truck was sitting on the parking lot I agreed. Frank's truck is delivery furniture to happy customers for ... two years now.

Mario with an RV. Mario phoned, because he was told at Service Ontario that he required a CVOR for his new RV. He was upset and overwhelmed after his research on registration process (and the fact that he can't use his vehicle). I explained that his personal RV is exempt, even if it's over 4,500kg, and to make sure things go 'relatively smoothly' at Service Ontario next time ... I had sent him a portion from HTA that states the exemption his vehicle falls under. This was a no charge transaction, but Mario surprised me with a hand-written 'thank you' note... What a nice touch.

(and so many more).

A current client had suggested to provide contact information in a more visible place. 

So here it is:
Direct Line: (647) 479-7746 - Andrew


- incorporation fees are included in the package

- all other government disbursement fees are excluded

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