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Gagik soghomonyan

Made the difference

Interested in CVOR? is a great solution. I found Andrew's casual & informal approach conducive to absorbing the information dense material that the course provides. The lessons not only highlight how CVOR works so well in your day...

ishola johnson

Very good and informative course.

I was scared about the entire CVOR system. And to the minute I passed my test I did not believe I could do it. Thanks to the course I was able to make it. Thank you Andrew, thank you.

ali erdogan

Excellent Course

Well worth the money. Highly recommend!

Gagik soghomonyan

Interested in CVOR? is a great solution. I found Andrew's casual & informal approach conducive to absorbing the information dense material that the course provides. The lessons not only highlight how CVOR works so well in your day...

ishola johnson

I was scared about the entire CVOR system. And to the minute I passed my test I did not believe I could do it. Thanks to the course I was able to make it. Thank you Andrew, thank you.

ali erdogan

Well worth the money. Highly recommend!

Faisal Shahab

Once I got a letter from ministry for a good to go for CVOR test I saw the study material online, this made me scared and I decided not to go for it. Later I found this course and took the course. I took some time from my work daily to do the onli...

Cleaven Grech

Very helpful course. I'm glad I pulled the trigger.

Michael Pelley

Hi Andrew just dropping you a note, thank you for teaching a very informative course. This attempt at the cvor test was my second and I was successful. The approach to this test and the way you explain the required content was the key. I won the...

judy zhang

Passed on first try!

ak ka

Does what expected. I'm really happy I had enrolled!

Levi Haughton

this courses was great, it worth every $$$, i take the test a few...times and could not pass, and about 90% in to the courses i take it pass it

kevin hanna

Great course , passed first try . Thanks Andrew . Kevin Hanna

Billy Harris

I just passed the COVR test thanks to you guys. can't begin to explain how much this course helped me. Thanks so so much. Billy Harris Arborist Tree Service

Alireza Mohammadi

This program is deserves more than 5 star, it makes it so simple that someone like me with no experience with commercial vehicle passed the test with 28 correct answer out of 30 in less than 10 min and never even download the CVOR manual. Thank yo...

Gloria Devos

Thanks to this course, I passed my CVOR test on the first attempt. Well worth the price. Thank you Andrew.

Tatiana Tchoudinova

I tried to read the manuals, all documents related to the course to pass CVOR test as the owner of plumbing company. After so many work hours I had just a min before I was following to sleep with the book. 5 months of hard trying to prepare myself...

marshall campbell


Kedar Ali

I study for my cvor one week and I very successful the Monday it's just like what it is in the course with a little common sense lol

Matt Irwin

I am one of the owners and had to write it with little knowledge of the industry. Failed on my first try with a 66% CVOR test was much harder than I thought it would be. Purchased this course and worked through it ALL parts and passed the CV...

Joe Donath

Great course, passed on my first try thanks to this course.... Well worth the money when you consider the failure rate is over 70% !!!

ashwani kumar kumar

I have got pass my CVOR test just in two days with this course. Thanx for all this


Daniel Morgan

Very good course.. I wrote the exam this morning and passed with a 92%... Highly recommend this course of writing the CVOR test. I'm quite sure I would not have done so well had I not taken this course. Well worth the money.

Fernando Bernardo

I dedicated two full days studying this course and got 29 questions correct of 30. Great methods and practices. Very happy I spend this money in the course.

Peter Norton

Passed my test, and very grateful.

Evgueni Mikhaltchouk

I like to say thank you for this course. Helped me a lot for preparation for my CVOR test. I pass my test from first time. Higley recommending to a new comers in the CVOR. Evgueni

Marvin Weber

Well done and very helpful. Passed on first try after taking this course, not to mention how many fails I had before taking it.


This product delivers as promised. I passed my test. Thanks

Edwin Bennet

Just wanted to send you a Thank you for putting that course together and making it possible for me to study and understand what the CVOR is all about. I passed about a week and a half ago. I especially appreciated learning the extra info on the L...

robin zajac

Not only am I happy that this course helped me pass my CVOR exam, but learned a lot of things that wouldn't have, because I wouldn't have taken the time out to read about it in the CVOR manual. I would recommend listening to all 117 videos, becau...

jagjit manak

Myself is jag manak . It is really very helpfull course. If you complete this course one time then you will definitely pass .

Yvette Haughton

Wolf Peshlow

I'm a simple guy, and I only have to go like few blocks down the street to do my concrete job, and yet I'm expected to know all that? I don't know, the course itself is good, it's clear, and Andrew breaks it down into small pieces. I probably wou...

kevin morton

Hey, thanks for your online course! I used it and took my written test today and passed, 25 out of 30. The lady at DriveTest congratulated me and said I was the first guy to get it first go, she said she has guys trying 5 or 6 times and still not ...

Bobby Jackson

I knew a guy who got a ticket for using an old inspection book. It's nice that this course goes beyond the test itself and provides updated forms and paperwork.

Andrew Sharp
Andrew Sharp
Safety and Compliance Expert

About the instructor

My job is simple. To prepare your for a test. After having taught a number of students in person, I clearly understand what is that they want, and what challenges they are facing.

The goal of this course is to explain the material simplest possible terms, while making sure that students are able to recognize important legal definitions.

Now, I understand that in most cases test is the only thing on their mind. And they have not given much thought to the next day after.

Not to worry, there are plenty of resources in the appropriate sections, to make your transition smooth and easy.

Phone: 647-478-7736

Attention tow truckers! Please, click this link to navigate to a dedicated page for CVOR for tow trucking industry.

If you have not applied for a CVOR registration yet, please follow this link to a dedicated page outlining CVOR application process.

What is CVOR?

Think of it as a driver license for a company (or an individual entity) to operate commercial vehicles. A driver needs a driver license to drive a truck. A company needs a CVOR operating authority to plate a truck, hire a driver, and get that truck on the road. Just like a driver license, CVOR is a management system. It tracks the performance of carriers over time (point system). Stake holders in the transportation industry like general public (represented by enforcement personnel), insurance providers, large shippers/receivers, and other carriers themselves will decide if they want to do business with a particular carrier based on its safety (CVOR) rating.

Written Test Required?

CVOR test is required to be passed by any individual/business planning to operate qualified commercial transport in Ontario. It was designed to ensure people in charge of long-haul trucking industry were prepared for a safe operation. This makes test unreasonably difficult for a one man show, small scale or local operations.

It is rumored that CVOR test failure rate is around 70%.

CVOR Course

is a full course designed to prepare a person with little or no transportation industry experience. It contains numerous video lectures about CVOR system, related regulations, and practical advice. Each chapter has a quiz at the end to re-enforce important concepts, facts and numbers. A final quiz at the end of the course contains all questions previously asked. Finally, the course contains driver forms, schedules, and various checklists to ensure that your transition into CVOR compliant operation is easy and effortless.

By purchasing a course subscription, you will be automatically added to our safety mailing list. In the event of regulations update, your will receive a comprehensive plan how to adjust your day-to-day operations to ensure compliance.

Course Contents

98 Videos
13 Quizzes
12 Texts
4.0 hrs