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Practice Test

IF YOU ARE LOOKING for some practise, an official CVOR mock test can be found here.

GO AHEAD AND TAKE IT, and when you do - be honest with yourself. How many questions did you answer correctly? Was it at least 24? ... because you need at least 24 to pass the test, get your CVOR certificate, and get to your business, whatever your business is ...

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, because day in and day out, I get a phone call that goes like this: "Oh my god, I hate Government ... this is driving me nuts. I go to the web-site, I take their test, I score 100%. When I go to take the real cvor test ... I fail. I've failed twice already" ... or three times. Some people let 6 months go by, so they have to re-file their application and pay $250 one more time. That is in addition to the $32 fee you pay every time you attempt to take a test. My favourite one though is:

"MY FRIEND FAILED 7 TIMES" so I decided to prepare myself. This gentleman and his friend by the way - are truck drivers. They are not office managers who do not know what a straight truck is ... or a log book ... or a driver abstract for that matter. And yet, the government expects you to know so many things so you will use exactly once ... that's right ... once during your CVOR Test.

DO YOU THINK I GOT 100% on the CVOR Practice test? Nope ... I got three questions wrong ... Even though I passed a MTO Facility audit with a score of "Excellent". You'd think that a person like this should be able to "ACE" a new entrant test. But I did not. And do you know why? ... because you don't walk into a truck shop and say:

"I NEED A PERIODIC COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION under National Safety Code 11B done". You say something like "I need an annual inspection" or "Hey, Joe get the truck to a mechanic and get a yellow sticker".

THE REALITY IS ... if you are not prepared, memorizing questions won't to the trick. Do you know what will? This course that helped hundreds of people just like you.


CVOR Questions & Answers

For those who need practise

  • 105 Questions & Answers
  • Bonus Module: CVOR System
  • Rewatch/Retake many times



For those starting from "scratch"

  • How to apply
  • Video/Text Lectures
  • 122 Questions & Answers
  • Rewatch/retake many times
  • Forms and schedules


CVOR Turnkey Package

Let us do it for you

  • Incorporating your company, if needed
  • Licensing & and plating of vehicle(s)
  • Application
  • Test preparation
  • Complete paperwork setup
  • 1 month follow up
  • Unlimited 1 year access to a safety consultant

Featured Testimonial


Hi Andrew,

Just letting you know, I passed the CVOR and also my A-R test this morning on the 1st try. Couldn’t have done it without taking your course first. The lady I dealt with at the Drive Test Center said it had been a long time since she had seen the CVOR test passed on the first attempt.

I will recommend your course to anyone I know that may need to get registered.

With thanks,

John Webb Welding

Thank You Note


Good Afternoon,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. Wrote my test this morning and I would never have passed if it wasn’t for your course. I passed your website along to the Drive Test Center as they have people come in looking for studying resources.


Steve Dillashaw Engineering & Construction

Student Follow Up


Hey Andrew,

Went today and was successful. Thank you.

Ian PeaceFood truck

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

MTO Related

What is a passing grade on the test?

24 correct answers to 30 questions (80%).

Who can take a test?

Owner, director, officer. The "Written Test Required" letter that you will receive after your application had been processed will outline specific individuals that are allowed to take a test.

Can someone take a test on my behalf?

In the case of owners/directors not being present in Canada (ex.: a USA company opening a division in Canada), you can write a letter to Carrier Sanctions and Investigations Office asking to designate a different individual to take the test.

When can I operate my truck?

When you have a copy of a certificate in your hands (this is different for tow truckers until May 31 2017).

CVOR Violations?

Maximum Penalty - $2000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment.

Set fines:

  • Operate CMV (commercial motor vehicle) - no valid CVOR - $325 + court fees
  • Fail to carry/surrender CVOR certificate - $110 + court fees

In addition, a carrier will not be able to plate a vehicle without a valid CVOR at Service Ontario.

Course Related

When can I start? and how does it work?

The course is very similar to traditional classroom education. With a few added benefits. You can start the moment your payment is processed. You can pause studying at any time, and return to the course at a later time. You can re-watch videos as many times as you want.

Is this course for Canadian CVOR?

Yes, CVOR exists only in Ontario. Other provinces/states call a similar program differently.

How long does it take to prepare?

Give or take 3.5 hours. A little longer if English is not your first language.

When and where the course is held?

This is an online course, it is held at the convenience of your home/office.

Do questions at the end of the course have answers?

Answers are provided. Explanations as to why other options are incorrect are provided whenever necessary.