Can You Pass CVOR Test?

You have received a letter WRITTEN TEST REQUIRED,

Written Test Required

and the test anxiety is back.

I know, I know you didn’t start your business, because you love taking multiple choice tests. Most likely, quite the opposite.

A potential client called me years ago to find out, if I guarantee he will pass CVOR test. In the process, he shared his story.

He was a successful owner of one-man army HVAC business.

He didn’t know he needed CVOR, until he got ticketed. 

He applied.

Took the test twice.

Failed both times.

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Got ticketed again! 

Ontario Provincial Police/Facebook 

Operating without a CVOR is like driving a vehicle without a driver’s license. You wouldn’t want to do that, would you?

At the time of the call, he was three days away from the expiry date. You only have six months to take care of the test, otherwise $250 application fee is lost. And you have to pay another $250. How long would you need to work .. to make up for $500 in lost fees?

After suffering through the humiliation of the second failed attempt. Imagine how you would feel, if you see “FAILED” written in big red letters on a computer screen.  He had a long conversation with a lady working for a test center. Turns out, it was not unusual for people to fail. In fact, 7 out of 10 people fail CVOR Test.

And he wanted me to explain .. WHY?

Why is the test so hard?

Well, first off all I don’t work for the government. I just make sure that you don’t either.

In the sense I don’t want you to waste your time, money and energy on failed test attempts, expired application fees, and tickets.

Secondly, my reasoning is the following: CVOR license is very broad. It allows you to drive all kinds of trucks and buses.

For example, it authorizes you to take a big transport truck (think big 18-wheeler) and send it to “The Beautiful” British Columbia (provided you have insurance and tax permits sorted out). You can even load up to 500 kg/li of Dangerous Goods without placards (you will be tested on this, btw). 


You're hiring a driver, who received Transport Canada approved Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Training from an accredited driving school 3 months ago. How long is their TDG training certificate valid for?

  • 9 more months
  • 3 years since the day of training
  • 5 years since the day of training
  • Invalid already

The correct answer is .. listed further below.

And most people tell me that their truck is tiny, it weighs nothing, and they plan on driving it within two blocks.

You will be tested as if you have plans grandiose. And this is when the test gets hard. And this is how people fail. I get it. And it's not your fault.

Now, I told the guy on the phone.

Listen, complaining about the government gets us nowhere. 

Your time is valuable, so is mine. 

You have got a business to run, goals to achieve, and money to make. 

CVOR test is a problem. It’s a pain you know where, but it has to be dealt with. 

Going in without prep, hoping to get lucky - did not work. Twice! 

It does not work for 7 out of 10 people. Nobody wants to spend half a day just to see “FAILED” on the screen.

So, my question is “Are you ready to do something about it now?”

Can you pass the test? Use our FREE CVOR PRACTISE TEST to find out.

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Hi Andrew, Just letting you know, I passed the CVOR and also my A-R test this morning on the 1st try. Couldn’t have done it without taking your course first. The lady I dealt with at the Drive Test Center said it had been a long time since she had seen the CVOR test passed on the first attempt. I will recommend your course to anyone I know that may need to get registered.

Thank You Note

Good Afternoon, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. Wrote my test this morning and I would never have passed if it wasn’t for your course. I passed your website along to the Drive Test Center as they have people come in looking for studying resources.

Follow Up

Hey Andrew, Went today and was successful. Thank you.



  • Where can I take a CVOR test?

    You want to wait for the letter titled "WRITTEN TEST REQUIRED".
    It will state where you can write your test.

  • What is a passing grade of the test?

    You need to get 24 correct answers out of 30 questions (80%).
    The system does not display the amount of questions you answered right or wrong.
    It will display the overall result, when the test is done.

  • Who can take a test?

    Owner, director, officer.
    The "Written Test Required" letter will outline specific individuals that are allowed to take a test.
    Your employees cannot take the test on your behalf.

  • Can someone take a test on my behalf?

    In the case of owners/directors not being present in Canada (ex.: a USA company opening a division in Canada), you can write a letter to Carrier Sanctions and Investigations Office asking to designate a different individual to take the test.

  • When can I operate my truck?

    When you have a copy of a CVOR certificate in your hands (this is different for tow truckers until May 31 2017).

  • CVOR Penalties?

    Maximum Penalty - $2000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment.

    Set fines:

    • Operate CMV (commercial motor vehicle) - no valid CVOR - $325 + court fees
    • Fail to carry/surrender CVOR certificate - $110 + court fees

    In addition, a carrier will not be able to plate a vehicle without a valid CVOR at Service Ontario.
  • How is the test conducted?

    It's a multiple choice test administered using a computer (most test centers had phased out paper forms).

  • Is the test available in multiple languages?

    Unlike other knowledge tests, CVOR Test is conducted in English only.

  • How long is the wait?

    You can attend DriveTest center without appointment.
    The number of those facilities in GTA had been reduced.
    It is not unusual to wait for more than an hour.
    I recommend going in the morning/afternoon. Going in "1hr before closing" is not a good strategy.


How long is the TDG training certificate valid for?

Correct Answer:

"Invalid Already"


Under Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, the employer is responsible to provide their own TDG training to all employees. 

Previous training is not valid.

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