Incorporate and Get a CVOR

So it’s time to be your own boss. You have an idea how to make money using a truck, and it’s time to make it happen. A simple, big and bright image can quickly get stuck in the mud of figuring out what truck to buy, how to get insurance and how to get through a whole bunch of paperwork.

And when it comes down to paperwork .. It smells delays and headaches. Something that simply pushes your dream far away into the horizon.

Let me make things easy for you and put things right in your reach.

The turnkey plus incorporation package was designed for an ambitious and daring individual starting their own 1-man army truck business. I simply take the paperwork of your mind, push the right paper into the right hole at the right time so no time is wasted, and you get your truck on the road as soon as possible.

If you’re worried that things will be too easy :) Don’t. There will still be plenty of challenges. My goal is to free your time and brain to focus on the things that will actually make you money.

What do you get at the end (the outputs .. simplified):

  • Corporation
  • CRA Tax Account & HST number
  • CVOR Certificate
  • CVOR Safety System

What are some of the key milestones:

  • Incorporate your business
  • Submit your CVOR application
  • Finalize your corporation documents
  • Prepare your for the CVOR test (online course written by the one and only)
  • Consult & assist on opening CRA accounts (HST, Payroll, Import/Export)
  • Get a CVOR certificate
  • Address any and all truck licensing and insurance questions
  • Provide a CVOR Safety system to keep CVOR in good standings
  • Be available on the phone / email for the first year to answer any questions you have

Case Studies

Nailed It

Mark had an idea of opening a golf cart dealership. He soon realized repairing and customizing them was more lucrative. He needed a CVOR to be able to move carts to and from his shop. His volume was high enough to justify incorporation. Everything was finalized during the pandemic.

Pallet Solutionz

Brian was a company driver with an idea of moving pallets within the city. The straight truck he purchased required a CVOR. I incorporated his business despite similar names being present, and got him his CVOR.

Mobile Wash

Brian partnered up with a friend of his to open a mobile wash. The truck was heavy and required a CVOR. They got their paperwork in time before the season.

Water Delivery

John noticed that an area in Niagara falls was underserved water delivery wise. His anticipated annual sales were $300,000. I got him a corporation and a CVOR hassle free.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to feel safe and secure that once you have invested in the service, you will get your CVOR operating authority, achieve 100% compliance, and will be protected from fines and triggering facility audit.

And you will... but I also have a 100% secure guarantee, just in case you need a little more peace of mind...

Here's my guarantee: Invest in the turn-key package, and provide me with the information required, and I will do the rest. If you aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 90 days, just let me know via a phone call, so I know what to do differently or better next time, and I will happily refund your entire fee and give you all your money back.

Why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you keep any progress results at my risk?

These days, business and life are very dynamic. If you invest fully in the turn-key package and later on a valid reason to change course comes up, then I believe it's not your fault, and you deserve your money back.

I can't think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

Package Fee

Contact Information

A number of clients had suggested to provide contact information in a more visible place. 

So here it is: