LOOKING FOR SOME practise, then get your PRACTISE TEST here.

GO AHEAD AND TAKE IT, and when you do - be honest with yourself. How many questions did you answer correctly? Was it at least 24? ... because you need at least 24 to pass the test, get your CVOR certificate, and get to your business, whatever your business is ...

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, because day in and day out, I get a phone call that goes like this: "Oh my god, I hate Government ... this is driving me nuts. I go to the web-site, I take their test, I score 100%. When I go to take the real cvor test ... I fail. I've failed twice already" ... or three times. Some people let 6 months go by, so they have to re-file their application and pay $250 one more time. That is in addition to the $32 fee you pay every time you attempt to take a test. My favourite one though is:

"MY FRIEND FAILED 7 TIMES" so I decided to prepare myself. This gentleman and his friend by the way - are truck drivers. They are not office managers who do not know what a straight truck is ... or a log book ... or a driver abstract for that matter. And yet, the government expects you to know so many things so you will use exactly once ... that's right ... once during your CVOR Test.

DO YOU THINK I GOT 100% on the CVOR Practice test? Nope ... I got three questions wrong ... Even though I passed a MTO Facility audit with a score of "Excellent". You'd think that a person like this should be able to "ACE" a new entrant test. But I did not. And do you know why? ... because you don't walk into a truck shop and say:

"I NEED A PERIODIC COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION under National Safety Code 11B done". You say something like "I need an annual inspection" or "Hey, Joe get the truck to a mechanic and get a yellow sticker" (they did change that question, I guess the government monitors me too).

THE REALITY IS ... if you are not prepared, memorizing questions won't to the trick. Do you know what will? This course that helped hundreds of people just like you.